Dry skin

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Dry skin–also known as xerosis–is a relatively common problem. Skin needs to have sufficient moisture in order to stay supple and smooth. There are natural oils in skin glands which are charged with maintaining its moistness. These semi-fluid oils are called sebum and are created naturally by the skin.

But it can sometimes prove difficult to maintain to generate a good level of sebum and thereby keep the skin as moist as it should be in order to be healthy. This can be especially true during the winter months.

Causes of dry skin

Dry skin results from the skin glands not receiving enough moisture to keep the skin properly lubricated. Exposure to the elements–especially the harsh conditions of winter–is one of the primary causes of this problem due to the fact that there is less moisture in cold winter air than there is in warmer summer or spring air. Exposure to excesses of sunlight, wind and cold can all result in a drying out of the skin as well.

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