Facial Skin Care Products

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While it is important to take care of all the skin on your body, your facial skin is what you present to the world on a daily basis. For this reason, your facial skin care routine should always be a top priority. While individual routines may vary to accommodate specific skin care needs, dermatologists agree that a basic regime of cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting your skin from the damaging rays of the sun will always allow you to put your best face forward.

Cleansing Products

Dermatologists recommend that you wash your face daily in order to remove all dirt, debris and perspiration that can accumulate throughout the course of a day. There are a wide range of cleansers on the market designed to cater to a variety of different skin types and situations. Some cleansers are specifically formulated for oily and acne-prone skin, while others are created for makeup removal. Some cater to the consumer with extra sensitive skin while others claim to be “invigorating,” “hydrating,” “firming” or just for men. The key is finding the cleanser that is best suited to your skin – and your budget – and sticking with it.

While some cleansers on the market today can be costly, there are many quality products available that will not break the bank, such as dermatologist-recommended Cetaphil, which is suitable for all skin types and can generally be purchased in nine-ounce bottles for under $10.

Moisturizing Products

In addition to daily cleansing, dermatologists also suggest moisturizing every day in order to protect yourself against the drying effects of indoor winter heat and the summer sun, as both can rob your skin of its hydration. Today’s facial moisturizers come equipped with a variety of different features. Many include an SPF to help shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, while many others offer the additional bonus of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

There are moisturizers specifically intended for nighttime wear for consumers with sensitive skin, while at the same time you can also find daytime creams with oil-absorbing features designed to create a “no shine” effect. The price of moisturizers, as with all skin care products, varies tremendously across the board. But rest assured that you can definitely find quality brand moisturizers in today’s facial skin care marketplace for under $12.

Sunscreen Products

Aside from cleansing and moisturizing on a regular basis, dermatologists also recommend protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun by applying sunscreen daily. This ritual is just as important to maintain in the wintertime as it is during the scalding hot days of August. Some daily moisturizers already include a sunscreen component, but you may require stronger protection. Everyone should protect themselves with at least an SPF 15. There are a variety of facial sunscreens on the market, ranging from water-resistant to fragrance-free to vitamin-enriched to self-tanning. Prices, as expected, vary accordingly, though with quality name brands like Neutrogena available for under $9, the important thing to remember is that everyone can afford to protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun.


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