Hand Cream

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Hand cream is designed to keep hands hydrated by providing them with protective moisture. Since taking a break to rub cream on your hands can feel like a luxury, many people don’t realize the importance of this aspect of personal care. However, with the wide range of hand cream products available today, taking care of one’s hands should be as routine as brushing one’s teeth.

The Importance of Using Hand Cream

The delicate skin on our hands is prone to drying out quite easily. We use our hands so frequently, exposing them to constant hand washing and all kinds of soaps, detergents and chemicals, as well as to variations in weather, without any protection whatsoever. Dehydration is a natural result of the continuous contact our hands have with these elements. In addition to hand dehydration, some people also experience hand eczema, which is a condition in which the hands may become red, chapped, and cracked. While hand eczema can be caused by an allergic reaction, it is often caused by the same factors that cause dehydration, such as frequent hand washing and exposure to various detergents and chemicals.

One major way to protect your hands against the painful discomfort of dehydration and eczema is to moisturize with hand cream.

Today’s Hand Cream Products

With so many hand cream products on the market today, it shouldn’t be difficult to make hand care a part of your regular routine. However, you may be wondering which product is the right one for you. If price is your biggest concern, fear not. There are many quality products that will allow you to get started on your new hand care regime for under $10.

One such product is Neutrogena’s Visibly Younger Hand Cream, which comes in a 1.7 ounce bottle. In addition to providing all-day moisture, this hand cream reduces the appearance of fine lines, while improving the condition of nails and cuticles.

L’Occitane also makes a one-ounce Shea Butter Hand Cream for under $10. In this case, shea butter is blended with three different kinds of oil – honey, almond, and coconut – in order to produce a rich, creamy balm that protects and nourishes the skin as it moisturizes.


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