How to shave

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Whether you’re a man shaving your beard or a woman shaving her legs, you can prevent cuts, nicks, and ingrown hairs by wetting the area you are shaving with warm water. This will soften the hair and prepare it for shaving.

Shaving for women

You should shave your legs and armpits in a warm shower or bath. When shaving your legs, keep in mind that the hair grows down and shave accordingly. Start near your ankles and then work your way up the leg. As hair tends to grow in many directions in your armpits, you will need to shave in multiple directions.

To shave your bikini line, first apply a gel or cream and shave with the grain of the hair. After that, rinse and apply another coat of the lotion and shave against the grain. This step should be repeated once more for optimal smoothness.

Shaving for men

The best time to shave your face is just after a shower. However, if you can’t take a shower, try to ready the hair by holding a warm washcloth to your face. Squirt some shaving cream or gel into your hand and rub it onto your face. Start by shaving with the grain of the way your hair grows and try to keep the skin taut.

If shaving against the grain doesn’t result in a sufficiently smooth outcome, try applying more gel or cream and shave against the grain in a firm manner.

Electric vs. manual razors

Some people prefer to use electric razors over manual blade razors for several reasons. For some, it’s an issue of convenience, as most electric razors can be charged and then taken almost anywhere. For others, it’s an alternative to dealing with the irritation that can result from shaving with a blade.

Despite improvements made in these electric razors, there is really no better way to get a closer shave than with a standard metal blade, as shaving with most electric razors will allow the hair to grow back sooner.


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