Natural Skin Care Products

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Natural skin care products are intended as healthier alternatives to commercial skin care products. While many consumers have expressed an interest in natural skin care products, these same consumers are largely unaware of the specific benefits of changing routines. If you are thinking of switching to a natural skin care regime, you’ll want to be aware of these benefits as well as what kinds of products you can expect to find in today’s marketplace.

The benefits of using natural skin care products

There are numerous benefits connected to the use of natural skin care products. For one, natural skin care product consumers do not have to worry about the potentially dangerous effects of the chemicals found in commercial skin care products.

New research from Europe and the United States indicates that many of the chemical ingredients used to make these commercial products can pose serious long-term health risks. This is because the skin readily absorbs chemicals, as demonstrated by the growing list of medications administered through the skin via transdermal patches. Since nearly any chemical applied to the skin will eventually be absorbed into the body, it is critical that the personal care products we use every day, such as soaps, lotions and makeup, be as safe as possible.

The FDA and natural skin care products

While the FDA does possess extensive lists of harmful chemicals that cannot be used by cosmetic companies in the manufacturing of their product lines, thousands of new chemicals are developed and implemented into these product lines each year. As it is impossible for the FDA to track and review all these new chemicals at once, you may find yourself using a harmful product for years before its effects are known and it is ultimately removed from the market.

The only surefire way to prevent the initial risk is to only use natural skin care products. This way, you can altogether avoid the application of potentially harmful synthetic chemicals to your body. If you consider the reality that anything you apply to your skin ends up inside your body the same as if you had ingested it, then as a general rule of thumb all your skin care products should be viewed as safe enough to eat.

Another benefit of using natural skin care products is that many of these products contain antioxidants, which are widely believed to combat the visible effects of aging.

Todays natural skin care products – what you can expect

If you are looking to get started with a good natural skin care product, you might start with a facial scrub. Herbal Choice Body Care’s Natural Facial Scrub is made from purified water, cold pressed almond oil, barley, cinnamon, and other all-natural ingredients, and is designed to exfoliate and moisturize. The scrub features a light orange oatmeal scent and sells for under $9. Herbal Choice also makes an all-natural Hand and Body Lotion for $6.99.

You might also try Teensy and Al’s 100% Olive Oil Soap, which is priced at under $3 for ten hand poured and sliced bars.


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