Skin Care Cream

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There are several different types of skin care creams on the market today. However, despite the vast assortment, all skin care cream consumers share one common goal – to find a product that makes them look and feel their best. Below is your fast and easy reference guide to finding the skin care cream that is right for you.

Skin care cream for feet

Taking care of the skin on your feet and heels often requires special care. Many times, your regular body moisturizer just isn’t enough to hydrate and smooth the dry, flaky skin in this delicate area. Fortunately, there are many skin care cream products available that are designed specifically for moisturizing the feet. While such products can be used all year round, they can be especially valuable during the winter months when people tend to suffer most severely from dry, cracked, itchy feet. If you are looking for an inexpensive skin care cream for your damaged winter feet, you might want to consider FootSmart’s Coconut Foot Crème, which combines coconut, peppermint, rosemary and leaf oil, along with vitamin E to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. A four-ounce jar can be purchased for $7.95.

Anti-aging skin care cream

With nearly everyone wishing to look younger, many of today’s popular skin care creams are designed to reduce the visible effects of aging. There are three types of anti-aging skin care creams: exfoliating, firming and revitalizing. Exfoliating cream is designed to remove dead skin cells in order to delay the aging process, while at the same time releasing nutrients that moisturize the skin.

Firming cream

Firming cream, on the other hand, is meant to stabilize and tone the contour of the skin. And lastly, revitalizing cream, which is generally applied before one goes to bed, assists in the skin renewal process, regenerating and smoothing the skin, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Many anti-aging skin care creams, such as Cellex-C’s Skin Firming Cream Plus, are designed to perform more than one anti-aging task. For instance, this particular cream aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines while increasing the elasticity and resilience of your skin. A 60 ml jar can be purchased for $114.

Skin care cream for stretch marks

While it is not commonly discussed, many skin care cream consumers are looking for products that will help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks are small tears in the skin that occur as a result of any excessive stretching that causes the skin to lose its collagen and elastin. This stretching might be induced by heredity, as some skin is just genetically prone to stretch marks, or it may be a result of one’s skin type, as dry skin has less elasticity than oily skin. Rapid weight gain and/or loss is also a common factor in producing stretch marks. Whatever the reason, stretch marks are essentially scars that vary in color from pale pink to dark purple, and while these scars may fade over time, they never fully disappear.

The good news is that there are skin care creams available that are specifically designed to dramatically reduce the appearance of these scars. These creams basically work by restoring your skin’s collagen and elastin through the use of emu oil. Bodies by Design’s Stretch Renew Stretch Mark Cream also utilizes aloe vera gel, grape seed extract and vitamins A, B, and E to help regenerate new skin cells that can repair the damaged skin. A two-ounce jar sells for $89.95


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