Facial cleanser

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Facial cleanser is arguably the most critical component of any skincare routine–step one in keeping your face clean, healthy and protected against the buildup of dirt and oil. However, traditional cleansing products not specifically designed for facial cleansing, such as shower gel and ordinary bar soap, will not do the trick. Before shopping for a facial cleanser, you’ll want to know a few basic facts about facial cleansing. This will help you to make an informed decision upon considering the wide variety of facial cleansers available in today’s skincare marketplace.

What you should know before shopping for a facial cleanser

Facial cleansing is designed to remove oil, sweat, dirt, bacteria, fungus and dead skin cells. However, it should not remove the fat between cells, which is what makes the skin soft and supple, nor should it remove the protective barrier that shields the skin. As a general rule, it is important to remember that facial cleansing should never be painful.

With this in mind, dermatologists often advise against using soap on the face, as many highly fragranced deodorant soaps are alkaline detergents that remove oil between the skin cells, drying out the skin and making it feel tight and flaky.

Instead of soap, dermatologists recommend soap-free cleansers for facial cleansing. Such cleansers may include beauty bars, mild cleansing bars, sensitive skin bars and liquid facial cleansers.


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